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The love for movies has always been universal Chinabased, and the love for watching movies has never been greater. With the rise of digital cinema and the rise of vudu, movie lovers have access to their favorite genre’s most epic flicks from home with confidence. Movies are not only a form of entertainment, but also a reflection of who you are as individuals. The more you watch, the more Meaningful You becomes. It’s that simple! So here is a list of our favorite movies that ignited our imaginations, if you can call them that:

A Star is Born

A Star is a rare thing. It is a statement piece that says, “I love me,” “I have,” “I want,” “I have,” “I will,” “I will.” It tells a story, engages the viewer, and engages the audience in turn. It speaks to all kinds of viewers, including the age group that grew up with Star Spangled Blondes. In a world filled with TV series and movies, it provided a rare look into what it was like to be a black man in America in the 50’s. Before the advent of smartphones, each movie had a 16×9, 30FPS video, with sound. A Star is Born captured the essence of that, with its raw visuals, emotional impact, and powerful emotional stories.

American Hustle

American Hustle was the first movie that captured our imaginations when we were young. It is a true classic, and it has been a mainstay in our home video collection for many years. It is a story about power, money, and the human spirit. The story is based on the novel of the same name by Rob Reiner, a celebrated author and film critic. American Hustle tells the story of Paul, an under appreciated New York City broker who has a falling out with his boss, Harvey Karp. Paul is a gifted arranger and songwriter; he is also a corporate lawyer who holds several high-level government positions. Paul is a New Yorker without a love interest and he finds the life he wants in the city he loves. When Paul meets and falls in love with Carrie Fisher, we are transported back to the ‘60’s, when young people fell in love with the first and last time they saw the film. The film is beautiful in its way and tells the rich, real-life story of two people. It is essential for young people to view for their entire life.

## The Big Short

The Big Short is a novel that has been making headlines ever since it was published in 2013. The book details the true story of five people who were wrongfully convicted of moneylaundering and various other crimes. The narrative is based on the true story of people Paul Happer, Edward Baily, Michael Milken, Martin Shkreli, and Benjamin Madoff. They were all charged with launder money, but the actual amount laundered is much more significant. The Big Short follows the story of the five people and their pursuit of the truth behind the big moneylaundering case. The film is made up of documentaries, videos, and TV shows, making it a cross between film and literature.

## Danish Girl

Danish Girl is a classic, and it is still a favorite among young and old alike. It is a sweet, simple, and charming story about a young girl named Siri, who lives in anorphish castle in the middle of Sweden. The story is about two stories, one about Siri and her family, and the other Siri’s life in the castle. The film is about a young girl who lives in a golden age, and whom we are rapt in as she grows up. The film is beautiful, sad, and moving all at the same time.

## Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List is a list of the most notorious cases of guilt, greed, and injustice, with each case being related to the rise of the middle-east. It is a true classic, and it has been a mainstay in our home video collection for many years. It is a story about a young man who becomes a holocaust survivor, and then has to face the consequences. The film follows the story of Weiklan Schindler, an Illinois Jewish man who became an American hero after surviving the Holocaust.

## Titanic

Titanic is an iconic movie, readily recognizable by its famous score and the famous interiors. The movie tells the story of a wealthy London man, James Cameron, and his two assistants, on their way to a historic building, the Sydney Opera House. The interiors of the Sydney Opera House are one of the most recognizable aspects of London’s skyline. The interiors are famous for two things: their beauty and their violation. The movie follows the story of the two assistants, their new friend, the vengeful Mrs. Brown, and the resulting conflict that arises out of it all.

## Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises is a great story, both visually and musically. The movie follows bank robber Bruce Willis and his sidekick, Tim Burton, as they try to avoid the law, save their savings, and make an impact in the world of finance. The movie is strong on visual effects, with quotable dialogue, and basic but effective violence. The movie has always engaged and challenged the audience with its lighthearted stories and action-packed visuals.

## Zoot-Car

Zoot-Cars is a classic, and it is still a favorite among young and old alike. The film is about two young boys, their elephantine friend, and the animals that populate their world. The story is about a group ofinovel, their human buddy, and their canine companion, a zoot-car. The film follows the boys and their friend, their zoot-car, and their troop of animals. Both boys and animals are always trying to get into the car, and the movie has a great sense of fun and adventure.

## Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Disney’s The Little Mermaid is a timeless classic, and it is still a favorite among young and old alike. The film follows the story of a little mermaid, Tinkerbell, and her human friend, Prince Eric, as they travel through a magical world in search of their missing friend. The film is about how two kids, separated at birth, meet at the age of 12 and form an unlikely bond. It is about the lovable, two-faced, two-aged, two-broker, and two-person, two-world family.

## Toy Story 3 & 4

Toy Story 3 & 4 are two of our all-time favorite Disney Movies. The first, Toy Story, is a classic, and it is still a favorite among young and old alike. The second, The Care Bears, is another Disney classic, and it is still a favorite among young and old alike. Both are about a pair of abandoned young, carefree, bear kids, and their quest to find and save their lost friend. A great film for all ages.

## #Fantasia & Sket Dance Party at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Fantasia is a worldwide phenomenon, and it is still a favorite among young and old alike. The film is about a group of fantastical, colorful, and bizarre animals who come to life in the park, and represent different cultures, animals, and peoples. The film is about the fantastical, colorful, and jazzy animals of the park. The film, like many Disney flicks, is about the human spirit, and the bonds that are formed between animals and humans.

## #Little House on the Prairie – A National Historic Event

The Little House on the Prairie is one of the most respected television series of all time, and it is still a favorite among young and old alike. The series follows the adventures of three young boys and their adoptable animals, in the little town of Hibbing, South Dakota. The Little House on the Prairie is also known for its wild and unpredictable humor.

## Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park – A National Historic Event

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is perhaps the most famous and viewed of all Disney attractions, which is why it is a must-see for young and old alike. The Disney Parks catalog explains that the park is “a world of fun, beauty, and culture, where you and your friends can experience the magic of Disney through live-action and

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