Digital Vs Film Photography

Film is still considered the king of photography, especially when you want to take large prints and sell them. Digital cameras don’t have the same quality as film, but the latter is still superior when it comes to capturing atmosphere and emotion. People who prefer film photography love roaming around the countryside or capturing children playing sports in the city. There are many benefits to film photography, and most magazine publications still prefer film photographers.

Film has a unique aesthetic. Digital images are more predictable and clinical. Film has the richness and depth that vinyl records can’t match. Only a few photographers stand out from the crowd using digital. Rustic presets and HDR had their time, but now the world can easily imitate the look of a single photographer. And there’s a whole lot more to consider. So, which should you use?

Digital offers better storage capacity. While a roll of film holds about 24 exposures, a 512GB memory card can hold more than ten thousand JPEGs. Having more space on your camera means more flexibility, especially when you shoot a wide range of subjects and settings. Digital also takes better photos. A film camera can only store a few dozen images, so a digital photographer can store thousands of images online and at the office.

Compared to digital, film photos are more authentic. Its grain and chemical process gives them a more natural look. Digital images can also look too polished and perfect at times. And because of this, you can take large prints. Unlike digital cameras, film can be scanned and then printed. If you’re not willing to use digital photography, film is a great choice for you. The image quality of the prints will not change for years to come.

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