Golden Nutrition Rules For Fat Loss

The first “golden rule” of fat loss is to stick to a calorie deficit. This is a principle that never changes. Any attempt to lose weight without following this principle will lead to eternal fatness. Instead, follow this living gospel of weight loss and you will find that your efforts are never in vain. Whether you’re on a diet or following a meal plan, this golden rule is an essential part of achieving lasting fat loss.

The second golden rule of nutrition applies to food. By eating whole, unprocessed foods, you are feeding your body the best nutrition possible. While eating lots of processed food may be enticing, too much of it can actually lead to resistance to fat loss. To lose weight naturally, aim for six to eight meals a day. Those meals should also be small enough to be easily digested without overeating.

Foods that are high in protein and fats are great fat-loss foods, but be careful not to mix them. Proteins will suppress your appetite and keep your hunger at bay, while fats will help you feel fuller longer. Also, you can eat more fruit or vegetables when your appetite is lower. Remember that fruit is still a food, but in smaller portions. Eat organic, “wild” fruits and vegetables.


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