How Can I Improve Dwell Time And Keep Visitors To Your Page Longer?

In this section will be ways to increase break time and keep visitors to your page longer. This helps to increase the Dwell Time of the website as well.

Match your website to people’s search intent.

Improving Dwell Time requires a content strategy that is engaging and valuable to users. Therefore, it is essential to understand what is called Search Intent or the intent of users as they search for that subject, so it is important to adjust the website to match what they are searching for. Because if they come to the website and can’t find what they are looking for. 

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They may click exit from our website, go back to the SERP page and go on to another website anyway.

The Search Intent of users is divided into 4 main groups that you will have to use to match different pages of the website, namely

– Informational Search Intent is a group that wants to find information about something such as what is SEO, what is a website, etc. The website pages that should give these answers are usually article pages.

– Navigational Search Intent is a group that wants to search for a specific page, such as accessing Google Search Console, logging into Facebook, etc. The page that should be made on the Google page should be a login page into the website.

– Commercial Search Intent is a group that wants to search for something to make a purchase decision, such as a review of a bathtub, iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13, etc. On this page, there should be a clear comparative informational content opcritic.

– Transactional Search Intent is a group looking for something to buy, such as buying dog food, etc. This page should provide information about the product and be able to sell it.

Make longer and better content

If you want people to spend more time on your website. Long-form content, or lengthy content, seems to increase the time people spend on a website. But the method of writing Long-Form articles should not focus on writing just to make the content look long. But should plan the writing to be able to answer the reader’s questions in terms of knowledge. Including writing the right principles of SEO.

Prioritize User Experience

Google likes websites that focus on user experience (User Experience), so it should be considered to make a website both on the On-Page SEO page and in terms of Page Speed of the website. Per User Experience as a guideline for everyone:

  – Arrangement of content to sweep the eyes to read By organizing the content to have a main topic, subtopics, and write each short paragraph. Don’t write a lot together. It may be divided into paragraphs of 5 lines per paragraph to make it easier to read online.

– Site page loading times that should ensure that the main content of the page loads in 2.5 seconds or less.

– Make sure it works in all browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

– Build a website that responds to all devices such as phones, tablets and computers.

– The navigation of the website should be easy to use and make it easy for the user to understand how the website should be used naamagazines.


Dwell Time is an important indicator of website performance because Dwell Time is an indicator of whether users are satisfied with your content. You can improve Dwell Time by creating engaging and valuable content for users through Search Intent analysis and improving the User Experience of your website.

Therefore, it takes time and effort to create good and valuable content for users. In order to gain popularity in Google and other Search Engines as well lazydadreviews.




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