How Hard Is It To Find A Job And What Makes It Hard?

In today’s economy, employers are reporting difficult times filling positions. This shortage is partially a result of ineffective job-search practices. Some employers may prefer internal candidates over external applicants. While you may have relevant experience, your skills may not be applicable to the job you are applying for. Therefore, it is vital to tailor your job search strategy to your specific skills, geographic location, and desired position.

In today’s market, a typical job posting receives almost 250 resumes. Only four to six of these candidates will be contacted for an interview. Only one of these applicants will be offered the job. The problem is that most companies are searching for the mythical “perfect candidate.” Their job descriptions paint a picture of someone with broad experience, a deep knowledge of the industry, and high education. Unfortunately, employers are unable to find perfect candidates; they’ll have to hire candidates who check most boxes.

The competition for jobs is not just from local candidates with similar education and experience. It is also from applicants further afield. Prior to the Internet, the only competition for jobs was between applicants local to the area. Those with a degree in computer science or a related field had much higher odds of being hired. With so much competition, it’s essential to show the hiring manager you have the skills necessary for the job.

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