management posture ‘Office Syndrome’

sitting all day It’s not strange to have some aches and pains. Anyone with health problems has office syndrome. Today we have another good method for back pain to recommend. Management posture to cure office syndrome that is easy to do. Popular. Just do it every day. I can tell you that the pain is better. See results.

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I’m the type of person who sits at work for hours a day. Therefore, we understand all young office workers. Of course, the most popular disease of office workers is inevitable. Backache / Office Syndrome. is muscle pain Due to work that uses the same muscles repeatedly, sitting for a long time, doing the same posture repeatedly every day until it accumulates, causing us to have pain and fatigue. Although it appears to be a disease that is not fatal. But it has a negative effect on our bodies as well. Because the method is simple To help relieve these pains. Moving the body Today, we have a popular ‘Office Syndrome’ management exercise to recommend. Do it every day, during your free time during lunch break. I can tell you that the pain and fatigue will definitely improve. Where will it be? Let’s see.

1. Neck management posture

This pose is suitable for people who like to bow down for a long time. It’s not just people sitting in the office. But suitable for people who look down on the phone as well. It’s a very easy way Start by bringing your left hand around to hold the right head. Pull to the left until you feel tight. Count 1 – 10. Alternately use the right hand around the left head to do the same. Count 1 – 10, then join hands around the occipital area. Push forward until you feel tight. Count from 1 to 10. This is a good posture that will help relieve fatigue in the nape area. Let us feel more relaxed.

2. Stretching the back and side muscles

sitting for a long time Back pain must happen for sure. And the back pain is so annoying, it’s exhausting, it’s aching, it’s very painful. Leaving it for a long time is not good. Like us, it hurts until we have to go to the hospital. So if during the day you have free time or have pain I recommend you to do this. definitely help

Start by raising your right arm. Fold your elbows down so your hands touch your left shoulder. Then use your left hand to hold your right elbow. Once you’ve positioned, pull your right elbow down to feel tight, using your left hand to help push and hold for 10 – 15 seconds, then switch sides, that’s it, easy to follow. Ensure that the muscles that have aches and pains can be relieved for sure.

2. Shoulder exercises

next to another pose It’s easy to make and very popular. For all office people who sit for a long time Until there is pain in the shoulder, we recommend this pose. This pose will help increase flexibility in the shoulder joint. It can also help relieve tension in the shoulders. how to do it easily so I can sit or stand. Start by standing or sitting in a comfortable position with your shoulders relaxed. Place your hands by your sides, slowly lifting both shoulders up, as close to your ears as possible. Then lower your shoulders back to your normal position. Repeat 2-3 times. That’s it.

4. Finger and palm exercises

Another point that we believe that many people have pain is. fingers and palms having to sit and type or sitting on a cell phone Use your finger to type all day for a long time. We will begin to feel tired. and pain in the knuckles Even those who have to hold the pen to write it’s the same so if there is pain One thing that can be done is You have to loosen your muscles a bit. Because if you leave it for a long time, don’t massage, don’t exercise your muscles to loosen some may result in a locked finger

How to manage fingers and palms that we picked up today. It’s very easy to follow. Start with both hands as tightly as possible. Hold your fist for a count of 1-5, then slowly release it, stretching and spreading your fingers as much as you can. Then hold for a count of 1 – 5 and then return to the original position. Keep doing this for 2-3 rounds, it’s as simple as that.

5. Exercise the hips

hip muscles It is another popular spot. that makes many People experience pain and fatigue. It is said that this point is the point where, if it is painful, will not only have hip pain but will spread to the legs and feet in an easy way to loosen muscles. Follow this. start with sitting Then use one leg to lift up over the other leg. Place your elbow on the opposite side, behind your knee, and take a deep breath. Sit with your back straight and slowly turn your body back. Look over your shoulders and slowly exhale, hold for about 10 seconds, then come back to the original position. Then repeat the same on the other side.

6. Stretch the muscles of the arms and waist.

This is another exercise that will help loosen your arm muscles. side and waist. In fact, you can stand or sit. The way to do it is simple. Start by raising your right hand above your head. by keeping the arm attached to the ear. Then lean to the left side until you feel tight around the waist and hold it for 10-15 seconds and then switch sides. Very easy. It’s another pose that is perfect for young office workers.

7. Leg exercises

In addition to hip, waist, back and neck pain, sitting at work or even standing for a long time It also results in our leg aches as well. Who can’t get up and walk and stretch? or have symptoms of fatigue in the thighs or legs often Try this exercise. It’s another very easy pose mhtspace. Start by sitting with your back straight, legs extended, and tensed so that both feet touch the floor until your knees begin to feel tight. Then lean forward and hold for 5 – 10 seconds. Repeat 3-4 times. This will help relieve the tension in our legs. After doing this, the aches and pains are relieved as well interbiography.

It’s a simple management exercise that friends can follow at the office overallnetworth. or if someone is working at home during this time You can follow along as well. Let’s see. How to manage this body is not difficult. It also helps relieve fatigue and pain at various points techybio. It’s also a good job, study, and it’s a responsibility that we have to do. But health matters can’t be ignored. need to be taken care of historyglow.

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