The Benefits of An Exhaust Delete Pipe

If you’re looking for a way to maximize your exhaust sound, increase horsepower and reduce emissions then an exhaust delete pipe is a great option. They’re a low cost and easy way to get a louder exhaust sound while maximizing your engine performance. Mufflers are a common addition to exhaust systems because they help reduce engine bay noise by dampening the sound waves created by the exhaust gases exiting the vehicle. They also help improve boost response and horsepower.

Louder Exhaust Sound

When the exhaust system of a car is leaking carbon dioxide, it can cause hissing, tapping, and other loud noises. This is a clear sign that something is wrong with your exhaust system and needs to be fixed. If you’re a performance-minded driver, you might want to consider upgrading your exhaust to improve engine power and reduce emissions. You can do this by installing aftermarket catback exhausts.

These systems are designed to increase horsepower without adding sound dampening. They will also make your exhaust sound more aggressive. But you need to choose the right type of exhaust for your vehicle and your driving style. Some may be better for track use, while others will be more suited for everyday driving. For many drivers, the simplest and least invasive way to make their exhaust sound more powerful is by installing an exhaust delete pipe. This involves deleting your factory muffler and replacing it with a new one.

Increased Horsepower

The exhaust system on your car plays an important role in delivering horsepower to the wheels. Adding a performance header or replacing your factory exhaust with a custom system can give you noticeable power increases. One of the more affordable ways to get a similar increase in power is by installing an exhaust delete pipe. This pipe replaces the stock muffler and is available in various lengths, materials, and diameters to fit your specific vehicle.

Unlike a muffler, an exhaust delete pipe does not restrict the flow of gases into your engine and helps to reduce back pressure by allowing for quick flow. This makes it the best choice for any enthusiast looking to add a little bit of extra oomph to their engine. While a muffler may sound better than the exhaust delete pipe, it is actually quite difficult to remove without damaging your engine. This means that you should not attempt to make this modification on your own.

Reduced Emissions

One of the best things about an exhaust delete pipe is that it will not only save you money in fuel, but it will also cut down on emissions, to know more click here The EPA sets standards for the amount of air pollutants that can be emitted by diesel-powered vehicles. In order to meet these standards, the industry has implemented various emissions control systems. The best of these is the catalytic converter which sits between two of your exhaust pipes and burns off harmful gases as they exit the muffler.

However, these aren’t the only systems in play. Other systems include the DOC (diesel particulate filter), SCR, and EGR (exhaust gas recirculation). A DPF can cost thousands of dollars to replace, but a well-designed and installed one can be the cost-effective way to go green while still getting that clean burn smell and power.


One of the great things about a muffler delete pipe is that it’s completely customizable. You can add different piping styles, change the exhaust tip and so on to make the delete sound unique. You can even choose which muffler to use on your new system. The options range from chrome to stainless steel, and you can also decide if you want to go with clamp-on or weld-on tips.

Some people prefer to have a double tip in their exhaust system. These tips have a metal tube inside of the pipe and they are surrounded by fins that amplify the exhaust sound.

The Bottom Lines

This is a very popular choice for many people and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, it can cost a bit more than a single tip and it does tend to look a little bulkier and more expensive on the car.

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