The Life of Fashion

From brides to judges, fashion is driven by celebrities, and the media often reports on what the former wears and doesn’t wear. The fashion industry is also a billion-dollar industry, employing millions of workers who design, sew, and dye clothing. In the early twentieth century, clothing served as political weapon. Uniforms were used to abolish class and race distinctions. Fashion has also evolved as a response to popular culture. Today, people follow the latest trends and wear the latest styles.

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Trends come and go, and with them, the popularity of a certain style. The fashion life cycle consists of five stages that are important to consumers and retailers. The life cycle of a certain trend helps them determine when a specific item will become a classic. Eventually, that trend will die out and become unfashionable. It may even go back in style after a few seasons. As a result, fashion trends come and go and new ones emerge.

A common definition of fashion is that “fashion is popular.” It requires a certain audience and acceptance from consumers. If two people wear identical outfits, it’s not considered fashion; rather, it’s collective behavior. Regardless of what is trendy or in fashion, the reasons people buy into the current look are as varied as the personalities of the individuals who wear it. Whether it’s a desire to break free from a conventional style or to fit in with the latest trends, fashion is a powerful medium to express personal opinions.

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