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What Careers Require the Use of High Intuitive Skills?

People with high intuitive skills usually pursue jobs that involve problem-solving and analytical thought. They often like working on their own, but can also do well in teams and as leaders. This article will discuss what careers are ideal for people with high intuitive skills. Introverted intuitive thinkers fall into the INTJ personality type. Introverted intuitive thinkers are also known as architects. They enjoy exploring ideas and concepts, and are typically analytical and creative.

An artist, philosopher, or writer with a 136 IQ may also be highly intuitive. Such people often draw connections between seemingly unrelated ideas. Their knowledge of a subject can also help them draw conclusions. Intuition comes from a place of profundity. It is the opposite of logic, which involves the mind and reasoning. An intuitive person will feel something, even if they don’t know why they feel it.

Careers that require high intuitive skills may include teaching, journalism, and public service. Teaching jobs often require high intuition, and are ideal for people who enjoy communicating and interacting with others. People with high intuitive skills may also consider a career in the arts or in health. Public health educators, teachers, and politicians are all great options for those with this type of personality. Those with high intuitive skills may also consider careers in technology, including computer programming or systems analysis.

Those with high Ni and NFJs may make excellent literary analysts. However, if these individuals are not comfortable working with problems that require scientific or mathematical thinking, they may be better suited to careers that help people improve their lives. Intuitive thinkers with high Ni and Fe may be drawn to science and philosophy, though this type of personality would do better in more practical careers. The question is, “What careers require the use of high intuitive skills?”

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